NEW: Viviwash – special detergent for synthetic textiles

Everything should shine!

The look of latex is just as fascinating as that of vinyl and yet both materials feel completely different. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it is ultimately a question of individual preference.

Vinyl, polyester, polyamide, nylon or perlon: synthetic fibres go by many names and have established themselves in the fetish world in recent years as sexy, shiny and easy-care clothing: Well-fitting leggings or cleverly cut tops are an eye-catcher similar to latex clothing.

As specialists, we have often been asked whether we could bring a suitable care product onto the market.

As experts in the care of shine shine of latex, we have decided to realise our VIVIWASH in close cooperation with experts from the textile and cleaning industry.
Anyone who knows us knows that we come from the scene and have created products for the scene. It’s no different here, we only do what we ourselves are convinced of.

Instead of a litany of products for everything and anything, we have analyzed customer wishes and requirements in order to develop a tailor-made product for more than just shiny outfits.

As always, VIVIWASH is now only available from specialist retailers.

We would like to thank Michael Beckers, Coco & Llilly and the shi-vas team for providing the photos