100 % pure white talcum powder 220 g

Pure talc without additives does not cause allergies

finest white latex powder


The supplement for long-term storage of latex and rubber clothing or as an alternative dressing aid

When does it still make sense to use latex powder if you already have ViviShine (spray), ViviDress and ViviClean for shining, dressing and washing?

Latex powder is the best choice, especially for long-term storage (several months or longer). Due to its dry nature, it is the best way to prevent the latex from sticking together, even when tightly folded.

Latex powder is also preferred as a pre-treatment in the event of repairs or when sending to a specialist company. Here too, the latex does not stick together and a simple wipe with white spirit is sufficient to pre-treat the areas to be repaired. When using silicone oil-based care products, however, intensive washing is required beforehand, for which many providers charge extra.

Some users prefer the dry feeling of powdered latex when putting on their clothes to liquid dressing aids such as ViviDress, but this is ultimately a matter of taste. This can be advantageous when trying on clothes in stores, for example, although the playful slipping into tight latex clothing as with ViviDress is not quite achieved.

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Dressing aid:

Distribute some latex powder directly from the can with the two different sized dosing openings directly onto the inside of the latex (dry and oil-free) and spread onto the latex by rubbing or shaking together. The surface dusted with latex powder helps you get dressed by making it glide more easily over the skin.

Avoid using powder on the outside, as otherwise a perfect shine will not be achieved in combination with ViviShine shine products or other products.

Therefore, first remove the powdered outer areas with a damp cloth and then you can easily achieve your perfect latex shine with our Vivishine shine products.


ViviPowder is particularly suitable for long-term storage.

After washing and cleaning, dry the latex or allow it to air dry. Dust the surface with ViviPowder before it sticks together when packing or hanging away.

To spread evenly, rub the surfaces together until the powder is well distributed and has reached all areas.

Alternative suggestion: Put some powder in an airtight bag, add the latex, seal the bag airtight and shake well.

This method is also suitable for preparing latex repairs for shipping.


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