3 blaue Flaschen in verschiedenen Größen mit Vivishine. Perfect Latex seine


Polidimethylsiloxane, pectins, nitrogen
Available in sizes 30ml, 150ml, 500ml and 2.5l

Long lasting deep shine & gentle care


Long-lasting visible deep shine and gentle intensive care for all latex and rubber articles. Perfects the latex feeling on the skin. Solvent-free and odorless.

VIVISHINE is the optimal base for shine and care of latex. Ideally, VIVISHINE is added to the rinse water directly after washing and thus spreads perfectly over the entire surface of the material. The use is particularly simple, economical and effective. Because there is no friction from polishing, this procedure is gentle on the sensitive latex surface and protects it at the same time.

After treatment with VIVISHINE and subsequent drying, the latex clothing can be easily hung up and stored in the closet or even garment bag. When you put it back on, the latex still shines from the depth and the surface is smooth when you put it on. With VIVISHINE, latex outfits stay shiny, supple and graceful as on the first day.

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Wash the latex thoroughly after wearing. VIVICLEAN is best suited for this purpose; it washes thoroughly, gently and hygienically. This prevents bacteria, sweat or similar from settling in the material. It is best to take off the latex immediately under the shower and wash it with.

After washing, pour a few liters of clear water into the tub and add a little VIVISHINE. Now briefly bathe the latex in it and move it around a bit so that all areas are evenly wetted.

Shake the water off the latex and hang for a few hours to dry and air out. Especially if the water contains lime, it is recommended to dab the water drops with a towel. Finished is a perfect gloss.


VIVISHINE is particularly economical to use. The latex surface is wetted thinly and very evenly instead of becoming a greasy surface as can happen in many other cases.

For a catsuit, for example, it is enough to put about a tablespoon of VIVISHINE in the tub or sink with clear lukewarm water. The amount of water is rather unimportant: a few liters, so that the latex can be well immersed in it, is enough.

You can see immediately after swiping the latex how the water beads off and a shiny surface appears. The latex then also feels quite smooth and supple without sticking together. If oily droplets are still visible after shaking off the water drops, the dosage was too high. This is not bad, but it attracts lint more than necessary.


Over 100 stores sell Vivishine latex care products worldwide.