100% polyester
approx. 600g/sqm
25 x 25cm
double layer blue/yellow

Polish to a high gloss


The polishing cloth for the perfect high gloss for all types of latex clothing.

The perfect combination to the VIVISHINEspray: Its special viscosity harmonizes perfectly with this polishing cloth. Already directly after the polishing process the latex clothing is no longer oily. All that remains is the perfect high gloss that is neither sticky nor greasy. This latex high gloss lasts for hours and has an antistatic effect.

This special polishing cloth is completely different from conventional microfiber or polishing cloths, which are usually unsuitable for latex polishing because they fluff, are too absorbent or have difficulty gliding over latex. Instead of linting, VIVIWIPE picks up small particles and leaves a clean surface.

VIVIWIPE not only provides magical dry high gloss, it is also much less expensive than comparable products from other manufacturers.

Element 1

Easy to use:

It is strongly recommended to wash powdered and new latex clothing beforehand. For this purpose we recommend VIVICLEAN.

Even a small amount of VIVISHINEspray is sufficient to bring the latex surface to a high gloss with the VIVIWIPE.

The VIVIWIPE works with all VIVISHINE products and also with other conventional silicone oils used for latex care.

Best result in combination with our VIVISHINEspray.


  • Latex polishing cloth for a perfect dry latex high gloss.
  • Special latex polishing cloth double layer blue/yellow, developed for latex care with finest fiber structure.
  • Removes too much applied latex care products and thus supports the perfect shine without streaks.
  • Absolutely lint free
  • Has an antistatic effect and shines for many hours
  • Washable with VIVICLEAN or other gentle detergent
  • Durable and yet inexpensive
  • Ideal size that fits well in the hand


Over 130 stores worldwide sell Vivishine’s latex care products.