Dimethylsiloxane, pectins, nitrogen
Available in sizes 250ml and 2.5l

Latex tighten fast & easy


Problem-free donning of latex and rubber clothing with caring properties for latex and rubber. Solvent-free and odorless. Increases the brilliance of transparent latex.

VIVIDRESS is the ideal donning aid for all types of latex and rubber clothing. Especially tight garments can be very troublesome to slip into, even if they have been cared for some time before with VIVISHINE. For example, in catsuits (especially those with collar entry without zipper) you almost can not get in and out again without a donning aid.

VIVIDRESS is therefore particularly fluid and allows the latex to glide playfully over the skin when donned. By pressing lightly on the oval bottle, it can be easily dosed and applied directly to the inside the latex or skin. It wets the skin under the latex and thus also ensures that the clothing does not stick to the skin but can glide. This prevents partial stresses or excessive stretching and thus prevents cracks. Also, the latex can be easily stripped off even after many hours without tearing.

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Easy to use:

It’s that easy: Apply VIVIDRESS directly from the bottle with the dispensing head to the inside of your latex or rubber clothing and spread a little by moving the latex slightly against each other.

In addition, VIVIDRESS can also be applied directly to the skin in areas where the latex is particularly tight and spread like a cream by hand.

Now just slip into the clothes as usual and feel how pleasantly easy it is.


Over 130 stores worldwide sell Vivishine’s latex care products.