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Das Latex Model Snow White posiert mit einem roten Latex Kleid. Ihre Hände sind dominant in die Hüfte gestützt. Sie hat braune lange Haare. Das Latex glänzt intensiv durch das pflegen und polieren mit Vivishine.

Latex care products

Discover our innovative latex care products Vivishine, Viviclean and Vividress and find out why our products are so popular. 

We are very proud that our name Vivishine stands for quality and reliability worldwide . We will continue to do everything we can to ensure that this remains the case in the future. You can find here all information about our products and also worth knowing about latex in general. 


Vivishine - macht Latex glänzend. 3 blaue Flaschen mit Vivishine zur Latexpflege


Vivishine spray

Vivishine Spray - eine blaue Sprühflasche für das polieren von Latexkleidung


Viviclean - Waschlotion und Reinigung für Latexkleidung. Eine blaue Flasche mit Viviclean Inhalt. Latex Reinigung schonend, intensiv, geruchsneutralisierend.

Vivi fresh-up


Glossy latex and unique feel

The beautiful shine of latex and also the unique feeling of wearing always fascinates people. But there are some things you should know about it to enjoy it from the beginning.

What should I think about if I want to try latex?
What is there to consider if I want to preserve latex for a long time?

Here you will find not only product offers, but also many tips from many years of experience on how to choose the right garment, how to dress, wash, care, store and shine latex.

If you have further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. And now have fun on our pages. Your Vivishine Team

Our latex guide:

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Interview with latex model Snow White

Snow White is the new cover girl (2023) for Vivishine. In our interview you can learn more about her and how she got into latex and modeling.

Schlanke Frau trägt einen Latex rubber doll catsuit in pink lila dazu weiße Kniestiefel.

3 steps latex care – the right way!

Latex is delicate and requires good care. If you want to enjoy your clothes for a long time, you should know how to care for latex properly.

For Fun Store in Bangkok

Vivishine in San Francisco @ MR-S-LEATHER

It is quite a walk from Powell station where tourists embark the cable car to 385 8th Street in San Francisco. My destination is one of the many international partners of Vivishine: Mr-S-Leather.

Vivishine Partner for fun in Bangkok

One day in Bangkok and the heart goes faster

It’s raining cats and dogs when I arrive at the ForFun showroom in Bangkok City. After taking off my rain cape and entering the shop, I not only look at the costumes and accessories from pet play heaven, but am fascinated by multi-faceted colours and stunning styles on hangers, shelves and cabinets. This is paradise for every latex lover.

Amalie von Stein does a Interview with Vivishine

Vivishine as a guest of Amalie von Stein

Vivishine was interviewed by Amalie von Stein at Torturship 2019. The complete video you can find on Youtube.

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