Vivishine in San Francisco @ MR-S-LEATHER

For Fun Store in Bangkok

It is quite a walk from Powell station where tourists embark the cable car to 385 8th Street in San Francisco. My destination is one of the many international partners of Vivishine: Mr-S-Leather.

Minutes before my arrival at noon they have opened the store. After I enter it, one assistant is immediately by my side. The store is spacious and well arranged. There’s a cage draped with lots of pet-dog masks that catches my attention. Inside I find a mirror in front of a sign saying “Beware of the dog” as well as a bowl at the floor where potential dogs can check the fit of their new snout.

I am intrigued by the different kinds of material – leather, neoprene and other fabrics – as well as the colours.

Then I meet Jason Levine, the man who does the correspondence with Vivishine. He is super friendly and laid back in spite of the fact that there is lots to do on a normal weekday. Especially the logistics concerning customs are a challenge when it comes to trading internationally.

Fortunately Vivishine and Mr-S-Leather are well connected at their devices with tousand of miles in between and every hiccup has been straightened out so far. It is great so see the faces behind the logistics of this fascinating store dedicated to men’s pleasure.

Thank you for your hospitality and service Mr-S-Leather.


For Fun Store in Bangkok