The new face of Vivishine: Latexmodel Latex Rapture

Latexmodel LatexRapture in einem roten Catsuit liegend auf dem Boden.

Latex Rapture, welcome to you your interview: Please introduce yourself briefly:

Hello, I’m Latex Rapture, and I stand tall at 180cm While my roots are in the UK, I’m truly a wanderer, dividing my time between Europe and Australia. I am a professional model with years of experience in the industry, and I take pride in my work. Modelling is not just my job; it’s my passion and a testament to my dedication to this profession.

You are the new Covergirl at VIVISHINE. 
Were you happy about it and how did you come across VIVISHINE?

I am thrilled and deeply honoured to be chosen as the new cover girl. VIVISHINE, undoubtedly the foremost brand in latex care, perfectly aligns with my identity as a professional latex model who embraces latex as part of my daily attire.

The collaboration between our brands is amazing. My introduction to VIVISHINE occurred several years ago during a latex photo shoot, where I was profoundly impressed by the quality and shine of your products. Ever since that experience, I have remained a loyal user of your entire product range.

Das professionelle rothaarige Latexmodel Latexrapture in einem türkisen Body mit schwarzen hohen Overknee-Boots.

How did you get into modeling in general?

I started my professional modelling career at the age of 15 when my mother submitted a photograph of me to a modelling competition, resulting in my selection as the winner among three finalists. My career commenced in catwalk modelling and editorial work, and I achieved publications in numerous magazines both in the UK and internationally. However, my profound personal interest in latex fashion led me to transition my modelling career into the fetish industry.

Do you work exclusively with latex outfits?

Most often I do. However, my choice of attire is dependent upon the specific projects assigned by clients and fashion labels. While I frequently model for latex designers, I also collaborate with toy manufacturers, metal bondage companies, and various fashion brands.

What do you like most about latex and how can you describe the feeling of latex?

I have a strong appreciation for the lustrous and smooth qualities of latex, as well as its distinctive subcultural aesthetic. Additionally, I value latex’s airtight nature, making it the perfect material for complete encasement, a practice sought after by many enthusiasts in the rubber fetish subculture.

To me, the sensory experience of latex enclosure is profoundly sensual. When I’m dressed in latex, my heightened senses perceive every sensation, creating an intimate connection with this second skin. These unique attributes of latex evoke a profound sense of excitement within me.

What makes the difference between latex and other materials like leather or PVC?

I prioritise the use of form-fitting attire. Latex, in particular, mimics a second skin impeccably, offering a wrinkle-free, highly elastic, smooth, and lustrous surface. From my perspective, leather and PVC fail to replicate the unique sensation of wearing latex garments.

Do you feel "different/special" when you wear latex and if so, how?

When I wear latex, I experience heightened sensuality, an enhanced sense of aesthetics, and a profound appreciation for how it complements my physique. The experience instils a sense of empowerment, bolstering my self-confidence significantly.

Do you also wear latex on normal days, like at work, at home, while shopping or doing sports?

It is not uncommon for me to wear latex attire on a daily basis. I often choose to incorporate latex into my everyday wardrobe when I am out in public, even wearing latex catsuits during trips to the supermarket. At home, it’s not unusual for me to spend the entire day enveloped in latex from head to toe, although my choice depends on my mood. Additionally, I do possess multiple latex gym outfits for various occasions.

Could you imagine a life with latex outfits only, 24/7?

It is the aspiration of many enthusiasts to wear latex around the clock, and I do so approximately 99% of the time. However, the suitability of latex attire is contingent on the climate. In colder weather, resembling the European winter, it can become uncomfortably cold. Conversely, during the summer when temperatures soar to 30°C, it can become excessively warm. Despite this, I have been known to wear latex in 30°C conditions; however, it often leads to significant perspiration, resulting in a noticeable trail as I traverse the city.

The material is very expensive, where do your many outfits come from?

I have an extensive collection of outfits crafted by a variety of renowned designers, including Simon O, Fantastic Rubber, Libidex, Westward Bound, Vex, Atsuko Kudo, William Wilde, HW Design, Kurage, Rubbers Finest, and many more. I strategically choose different designers for distinct pieces, aligning their expertise with the specific garment.

Given my considerable height, I predominantly opt for custom-made latex attire since standard off-the-rack sizes rarely accommodate my measurements.

Do you have a favorite outfit?

As a professional model, I frequently don a diverse array of latex fashions.

However, my absolute favourite is the catsuit. Catsuits impeccably complement my body type, making me feel exceptionally confident and exuding an incredible allure. At home, my wardrobe takes on a more unconventional twist. I indulge in eccentric attire, often opting for layered hoods and engaging in the practice of latex layering.

What would you recommend to a "beginner" as a first latex outfit and why?

I highly recommend considering made-to-measure latex outfits from reputable brands. While this may entail a higher cost, it ensures a perfect fit, which is crucial when wearing latex. Opting for standard sizes, whether from known or lesser-known brands, can lead to unsatisfactory experiences and financial waste. Essentially, quality aligns with the price, so I strongly advise setting aside additional funds to invest in reputable brands. If your size isn’t readily available from their size chart, I strongly recommend opting for a custom-made option. This safeguards your hard-earned money from being spent on ill-fitting catsuits.

Latex Model Latex Rapture in einem roten Catsuit

Does latex need special care?

Indeed, latex, being a natural product, requires careful maintenance to ensure its longevity and appearance. Proper latex care is essential to preserve its quality. Harsh chemicals should be avoided at all costs, as they can cause significant damage to the latex material. Additionally, makeup and oily substances should be handled with caution, as they have the potential to harm the material’s integrity.

Be cautious with makeup and oily substances, as they can damage the material. Regularly inspect your latex for signs of damage or wear and address any issues promptly. Following these steps will help ensure your latex stays in excellent condition for many years. I clean and protect all my latex by using VIVISHINE which is the best product on the market.

Isn't the material very sensitive and how do you protect it?

Latex is very sensitive to metal due to the risk of chemical reactions. Latex is a type of rubber, and it can react with metals, especially when it comes into contact with metals containing copper, bronze, or brass. . These reactions can lead to staining, discoloration, or degradation of the latex material. The sensitivity to metal is primarily because latex is susceptible to oxidation and can break down when exposed to certain metal ions or chemicals commonly found in metals. To prevent this, it’s crucial to avoid direct contact between your latex and metal accessories such as zippers, buttons, or jewellery.

To store a latex properly, keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources as they can cause the latex to deteriorate. Store it in a cool, dry place, ideally in a dark closet or drawer.

Can you imagine continuing to model for VIVISHINE and working as an influencer?

I’m confident that our collaboration can be both long-lasting and mutually beneficial. My brand is a great fit with VIVISHINE products. As a latex enthusiast, I’m really impressed by the quality of VIVISHINE’s products. I’m excited about the opportunity to work together with the VIVISHINE brand.

Latexmodel Latex Rapture - professionelles Model mit roten Haaren. Sie trägt eine schwarze Leggings, High Heels und eine blaue Bluse von Sebastian Cauchos.

Thank you for giving us and our readers a little insight into your latex life. We wish you all the best for your future and many more beautiful and successful projects.