The right thickness

The right thickness

There is also no definite answer. It is common for latex clothing to have material thicknesses between 0, 25mm and 0, 8mm, and even significantly thicker in exceptional cases (e.g. for a belt). The thinner the material, the easier it fits the body shape without constricting it. On the other hand, some strength is sometimes desired, e.g. in a collar. Finally yet importantly, it is obvious that the thinner the latex, the more sensitive it is also against damage (fingernails, hang, scrub...)

Therefore, a 0.25mm catsuit can be ideal for a photo shoot, but a 0.44mm is preferable for whoever wishes to wear it more often without wanting to handle it with excessive care. A thickness of 0.6mm for a tight suit is already very sturdy and shapes the body. This can offer great wearing feeling with a well-fitting cut. I can also be tweaked if the cut does not fit exactly. (See more on Fitting) For other clothing (coat, jeans, shirt) a slightly thicker material of 0.6mm or more is often useful because the shape crumples less.

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