Latex or rubber?

Latex or rubber?

What is the real differnce between latex and rubber?

In many cases, latex refers to the material originally produced from natural rubber and based on the milk juice of the rubber tree. Rubber, on the other hand refers to the material consisting of synthetic rubber based on petrochemical raw materials. This definition is actually wrong. Because no matter whether synthetic or natural rubber is used as a base, it is made by vulcanizing rubber. Strictly speaking, latex is only an intermediate stage in the production process before vulcanization. It would not be suitable for use as clothing, for example, because it is not elastic, but maintains the altered shape after deformation (stretching).

By the way, "latex" on the basis of natural rubber can even be more durable than a synthetically produced material. On the other hand, allergies are mostly attributable to the supposedly natural rubber because of the proteins contained therein. Perhaps the term latex has become so much adopted because latex based on natural rubber sounds better than a synthetic material made from petrochemical raw materials.

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