Powder or oil?

Powder or oil?

There is no clear answer to this question. The fact is that either powder or a suitable oil is needed to prevent the material from sticking together. During reconditioning and processing, powder is always applied to the latex. The part be glued may be slightly wiped so that the glue may hold. This does not work with oil. Some people like the powdery look, which is slightly similar to tubes of tires. However, most of them agree much more to a shiny look. As a rule, no powder is used in treating the visible outer part.

Of course, if you prefer powder on the skin, it is okay to apply it on the inside and use oil on the outside for the luster. However, some are allergic to powder or it sometimes itches. Moreover, when you sweat, a white liquid is produced – oil seems to be the better choice. In any case, powder and oil mixing is crap! No matter how much oil is applied, there will be no beautiful luster if this becomes a lubricating film with the powder underneath. Thus, for a new powdered garment for example, first wash out the powder thoroughly and then apply VIVISHINE on it.

In preparing for repairs (return or gluing), it is advisable to wash thoroughly and subsequently apply powder. This can be a good solution even in the case of prolonged storage in a compressed state (e.g. suitcase). For such cases, we can recommend talcum powder from Optimal Products.

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