Adhesive/gluing technique

Adhesive/gluing technique

There are two main types of adhesives: milky latex adhesives or vulcanizing adhesives. In both cases, it is important that the areas to be glued be thoroughly cleaned and de-oiled beforehand. For this, we recommend VIVICLEAN. The milky is more suitable for thin latex or if, for example, zippers are to be impregnated to glue them with latex. The vulcanizing glue has a higher adhesive strength and is therefore recommended for stronger material.

For a stable adhesive bond, it is advisable to pretreat the gluing areas with a buffer (for example tip Top Liqid buffer). This is for chemically roughing of the surface. This works well even with chlorinated latex. If the latex strongly blurs, it helps to apply the buffer on both sides, which later volatizes leaving no visible trace. Then apply the adhesive or the vulcanizing agent to both halves of the gluing areas and allow to dry. Then put the parts together and when they fit, tightly squeezed together firmly.

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